Members of Congress from California who helped pass the GOP Tax Bill May Not Be Re-elected

After Consternation by House Republicans from the state of California which lasted for weeks, 12 of them on Tuesday joined their party members to pass the tax reform bill. The proponents of the GOP tax bill said that the reform in the American tax code would afford their constituents a tax break despite the fact that popular deductions enjoyed by millions of California taxpayers would be slashed. According to recent polls that have been carried out in the state, the GOP tax bill has been seen to be unpopular among residents. Only 20% of all the residents who were involved in the survey said that the $1.5 trillion tax bill would impact positively on their daily lives.

However, some California congressmen who helped sponsor the bill are facing significant re-election challenges in the forthcoming congressional election. Most of these members have abandoned the views of their constituents in backing the proposal to give the Republican Party the first significant legislative achievement during the Trump administration.

The Senate has also passed the controversial bill which gives tax breaks to big corporations and affluent Americans. The house is however expected to vote on the bill again later this week due to hiccups on the legislative House procedures before it can be sent to the White House for assent. The House lawmakers from the Democratic Party did not afford a single vote to the tax reform legislation. The lot included 39 Democratic House members from California.

Irvine Representative, Mimi waters and his counterpart from Palmdale, Steve knight were among the legislators from the Republican Party who were vulnerable because of having a different opinion on the bill. The two lawmakers expressed their concerns on the new caps that the bill imposed on deductions from federal taxes. The federal tax deductions have given a soft landing for the expensive homes and high-income taxpayers in California.

The two legislators worked behind the public eye to have a portion of the deductions for local and state taxes retained. They also worked behind the scenes to have the deduction for mortgage interest increased. The GOP tax bill caps the tax deductions for new mortgages at $750,000 which is a 25% decrease from the initial $1 million.

Majority of California taxpayers are expected to pay more to the internal revenue service due to the slashing of popular deduction in the proposed tax reform. However, many California residents are also likely to experience an initial tax break if the bill is signed in into law.



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