Stephen Curry Gives New Uniforms to McClymonds High School

Stephen Curry

Thanks to the efforts of Stephen Curry, the boys' varsity and junior varsity basketball team at McClymonds High School in Oakland, California, has new gear. The player stopped by the team's practice recently and gave each player a new pair of shoes, a new Under Armour jersey and a new warm-up outfit.

Stephen Curry also spent some time shooting hoops with the young men, and he encouraged them to keep practicing telling them that good things come to those who work hard. The boys certainly seemed to enjoy the surprise visit from a man that many consider their hero. He says that he is proud of the young men who are trying to do something positive with their lives in a community where many have turned to drugs.

The team was ecstatic to get the new gear as they had been wearing mismatched jerseys. The school that is part of the Oakland Unified School District. The high school is the only one located in West Oakland. In addition to playing sports, the students have been working very hard to clean up a drug-ridden part of town and incorporate the land into their school campus.

Players say that while they have had a disappointing year so far, they intend to work harder now that they have new gear. They feel that someone important cares about their efforts, and they intend to not let that effort go wasted. Stephen Curry says he feels a particular connection to the team because they are the Warriors, and he plays for the Golden State Warriors.

In return for his generosity, Stephen Curry who has not been able to play lately because of an ankle injury received a school sweatshirt from their African American Male Achievement Program. Nina Senn with the Oakland Board of Education also thanked Stephen Curry for his generosity.



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