California Science Center to Feature 2018 King Tut Exhibit

When first uncovered in 1922 by British archeologist Howard Carter, the tomb of King Tutankhamun launched a wave of interest from academic curiosity to paranormal fascination. Packed with gold artifacts dated about 3300 years old, the boy-king's tomb revealed much about the culture and burial practices of the New Kingdom. For others, lurid tales of the Pharaoh's curse led to mummies becoming a common trope in horror-themed comics and cinema. Interest in ancient Egypt hasn't died down and next year, California residents will have an unprecedented front-row seat to Carter's monumental discovery from nearly a century ago.

Established in 1951, the California Science Center, previously known as the California Museum of Science and Industry, is a popular site for school trips and traveling exhibits. Despite what the name implies, the facility still hosts the sort of historical exhibitions that draw crowds to museums. The museum announced this week that as of next year, they will participate as one of the stops for "King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh" tour. This traveling exhibit is set to appear in 10 cities across the globe and will set several milestones. According to the Science Center's website, the event is the largest King Tut exhibition to ever tour and will feature over 150 unique artifacts drawn from the famous pharoah's own tomb, many of which have never been seen outside of Egypt.

Taking the title of pharaoh at age nine and dying just a decade later, King Tut is effectively the face of Egyptian history for laymen. Carter's find is unique for the sheer volume and condition of the tomb, as many other ancient burials in Egypt were unceremoniously looted before archaeologists could plumb their depths for artifacts, texts, and other historical treasures.

Included in the collection is golden jewelry, sacred ritual objects, and gilded furniture pieces possibly used by King Tut during the course of his short life. For many viewers, the exhibition presents a once in a lifetime opportunity. 60 of the artifacts in the event are making their first-and last-trip outside of Egypt. After the 10-city tour, these unique items will be permanently put on display in a new museum being constructed on the Giza plateau near the pyramid complex. The exhibit will also provide viewers with groundbreaking information from the pharaoh's mummy, revealing facts about his royal ancestors, health, diet, and other intimate details. It will also focus on how technology has enhanced archeologists' ability to study other ancient tombs in Egypt. The exhibit will have its premiere on March 24, 2018.



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