California Set To Legalize Cannabis 1st January Onwards


In the past, getting access to marijuana mainly involved illegal drug dealers and growing it on the down low in your home. Possession and consumption of the drug involved a hefty fine and a long sentence that would usually be given depending on the quantity of marijuana in possession. Today, millions of American all over the country depend on marijuana for a variety of reasons, a lot of them mainly to deal with health issues.Jan 1st, 2018 is going to be a big day for cannabis users in California as it is the day that the drug will become legal in their state. This is following a long drawn out battle between the users of cannabis and the state government, who had varying opinions about the effectiveness of the drug and its effects on the human mind.The switch to legal cannabis is just a few days away, and people are more excited for it than they have ever been. Following the 1st of January, all pot dispensaries and medical marijuana clinics in the state will be made legal and will be given a license to sell the drug.Customers can expect to get their hands on their first legal cannabis on the 1st of January itself, but not at the stroke of midnight since the sellers are only permitted to sell and deliver goods between the hours of 6 am to 10 pm. A lot of cannabis outlets are already in possession of their licenses to sell, and will immediately become effective on the 1st of January. Stores who are looking to secure their permits before the 1st of Jan can do so from the Bureau of Cannabis Control's online application system, which opens in December. However, the licenses that are obtained from this process are only temporary, and not valid for the sale of cannabis.However, the number of dispensaries that are currently active throughout the state are far less as compared to the sheer demand that they are going to experience. Most major cities have cannabis stores, but the smaller ones are still yet to set up shop, meaning that people sometimes will have to travel a reasonable distance before they can get their hands on legal marijuana.Not all dispensaries that are selling medical marijuana are open to selling it recreationally as well. There are strict laws and special licenses that need to be obtained for sale recreationally, which is why not all stores are opting to go down this route.



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