State Authorities Warn That Natural Gas Supplies Are Expected To Be Tight This Coming Winter

Natural Gas

The Energy authorities and utilities in the state of California warn that enough natural gas may not be provided by the Southern California Gas Co. for all consumers this coming winter. The authorities say that three critical pipelines are out of service. The pipelines take gas into the troubled Aliso canyon site in Southern California. The three pipes collectively contribute to a total of 42% of all the natural gas supply in Los Angeles area.

The President of the California Public Utilities Commission, Michael Picker, said that the commission was very concerned that SoCal Gas would not meet the demand by core consumers. State energy regulators say that supplies in natural gas should be standard under the standard conditions of winter.

However, lengthy and severe cold spells could overload the system. They are advocating for a reduced gas consumption by the consumers during the months of winter to avoid an overload on the system. On Tuesday, Picker said that consumers should avoid digging deeper into the potential hole during a press conference. The SoCal Company is racing against time to figure out how to mitigate the shortage in supply for consumers on days with high demand this coming winter. One out of the three lines that are out of service will not be reinstated until December this year and another one until next year May. However, no definite date has been set for the return of the third line of operation.

The California energy commission and the utility commission have taken steps to relieve the natural gas system consistently. This has had incentives for reviewing the natural gas supply systems in other states and paying gas consumers to minimize utility during the high demand periods. The Commission chairman Robert Weisenmiller said that the commission was taking actions where possible. The warning agreed with a report released in April last year in which regulators and utilities projected that a shortage could roll blackouts in 14 summer days if the natural gas supply was withdrawn from the Aliso Canyon. However, at the time of the projection, the facility was not operational.

The SoCal Company said that it was working very hard to provide residents with a safe and reliable source of energy which they could afford. However, the company said that its top priority, for now, was to acquire storage facilities such as in Aliso Canyon. To mitigate the risks of unreliability, the natural gas system in southern California was engineered to use storage facilities.



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