Families Give Thanks At Annual Los Angeles Event

There are still good people in the world, but it takes a holiday for others to see what they do on a daily basis. Joshua Castellon is a young boy who has four sisters and three brothers. His family enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal at the Fred Jordan Mission, an event sponsored by the volunteers and members of the community. He was just happy to be able to enjoy the meal with the rest of his family because they didn't know where they would eat for Thanksgiving. Joshua's family joined thousands of people at the event in Los Angeles. His neighbor invited the family to the dinner.

Organizers initially wanted the event to be held as a way to serve the poor in the community. It blossomed so that they could serve the working poor, homeless, and people close to losing everything that they have. Thomas Jordan is the vice president of the Fred Jordan Mission. The food that the mission gathered together was enough to feed about 3,000 people. Jordan wanted to make sure that anyone who needed a Thanksgiving meal was served. The mission has been providing services in the community since 1944, and it gains strength each year as volunteers work together to help change lives.

Fred Jordan founded the mission. He wanted it to be a place where people of any race or religious background could get help. The Thanksgiving meal featured over 1,000 volunteers who prepared food and served it to the people who attended. Bags of different types of produce were also given out at the event once everyone was seated. The dinner is a blessing for those who help serve and prepare the food just as much as it is for the people who receive the meal. The goal of the event was to show that the area isn't filled with the drugs and negative behavior that people in the community believe to be present.



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