Southern California Experiences the Hottest Thanksgiving in 140 Years

According to the National Weather Services, California mainly southern California experienced the hottest Thanksgiving in over 140 years. Record keeping began in 1877. The temperature, which hit a high of 97 degrees in some places, is expected to be on a downward trend starting on Friday.

Joe Sirard, a fellow with the National Weather Service in Oxnard, explains that the prevailing temperatures in parts of southern California can be attributed to an upper-level ridge of high pressure. A high-pressure zone hovering over the area is responsible for the hot and dry northeast desert air causing the temperature to soar in the southern region of the Golden State. Although he is optimistic that normalcy will resume on Friday, he encourages firefighters to be on high alert even though the current temperatures are devoid of strong winds.

The temperature at Los Angeles International Airport (often referred to as LAX) hit a high of 91 degrees. Weather records from the National Weather Service confirmed that the Thursday temperature was the highest since 1990 when Lax recorded a high temperature of 84 degrees. The Long Beach Airport, just like LAX, recorded the most elevated temperature, 91 degrees. The situation was no different at Hollywood Burbank Airport where thermometers registered 94 degrees.

Other areas that experienced high temperatures include University of California (UCLA), New Port Beach, Woodland Hills, etc. UCLA experienced a high of 95 degrees. Thermometers at New Port Beach, Orange County, read 89 degrees at 1 pm on Thursday, eight degrees higher than the record set in 2002. The temperature at Woodland Hills reached a high of 95 degrees on Thursday.

But Thursday was not the only day that temperatures soared in southern California. In fact, it was on Wednesday that some of the mentioned areas hit their highest record. For example, Lax recorded 92 degrees on Wednesday. New Port Beach recorded 96 degrees on Wednesday, five degrees higher than the recorded temperature on Thursday. Downtown Los Angeles marked the same temperature (92 degrees) on Wednesday and Thursday. Woodland Hills registered 93 degrees on Wednesday and 95 degrees on Thursday, a drop of two degrees.



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