A New Transportation System for California

Transportation System

Elon Musk is known for many things, but complaining is not one of them. The Tesla chief recently complained about the traffic jam that he has to encounter every time he drives from his house to his office. While his home is located in Bel-Air neighborhood, his office is located in Hawthrone. For starters, this is an area that is near the Los Angeles International Airport. He didn’t let this pass as he gave an alternative that would help end the traffic. He talked about building an alternate transportation system that would be responsible for transporting people from the Westside to the San Fernando Valley. The surprising thing is that the system would use a tunnel that runs parallel to the 405 Highway. A few weeks later, he formed a company known as the Boring Corporation. Just the other day, the Los Angeles Times was notified that the firm had filed requests to the Los Angeles officials seeking permission to begin their operations. This meant that they were ready to begin digging the tunnels that would be used for the transportation system. This information was further confirmed by Mary Nemick on Tuesday. Mrs. Nemick happens to be the spokeswoman for the Bureau of Engineering for the city of Los Angeles.

However, Mrs. Nemick together with Eric Garcetti, who is the mayor’s spokesman said that permits would not be released at the moment. They would have to wait a little longer. Boring Co. confirmed that they had made the applications. Through a spokesman, the company said that the initial plan consisted of a system that would run from Hawthorne. The project would also consist of several steps along the way. However, this is a project that’s posing tough questions for the lawmakers. For instance, they are in a fix concerning the question whether it’s good to support a privatized transportation system. At the same time, lawmakers in the state are not sure about the environmental review that should be carried out with this project. The company said that the tunnel would allow transportation of commuters using electric platforms. The company had proposed that the gadgets could move at speeds of up to 130 mph. The company even released a video of what it would be like riding on the platform. The proposed capsule could also carry a group of people. One capsule could carry 16 people. The diameter of the proposed tunnel would be 12 feet.



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