LA CoMotion Festival Shows Off Cutting Edge Transportation Technology

ABC7 reports on this week's LA CoMotion Expo & Festival in Los Angeles, where technology and transportation experts come to show off what they believe to be the future of transportation technology. In this case, many seem to be in agreement that this future involves a lot less human interaction.

Representatives from around the world attended the event this year. John Rossant, chairman of the NewCities Foundation who offered a leadership conference during the festivities, called this the beginning of the mobility revolution "The traffic jams on the 10 or the 405, in 10 years, 15 years, they will be a thing of the past. Can you imagine L.A.? If it's a wonderful city now, it will be amazing."

One of the biggest features of the expo were autonomous, self-driving vehicles. Transdev, the French transport company, offered its own take on the technology in the form of a shuttle using laser detection to move around environments without colliding with other vehicles, property, or people, all without a driver.

Besides self-driving vehicles, though, many other forms of futuristic technology got time in the spotlight. A new type of three-wheeled electric scooter was shown off by Immotor, touting its convenient foldable design that would allow it to be easily taken on public transport with its owner.

Piaggio Fast Forward, a robotics company, debuted their new creation named Gita. Gita works as an assistant to its owner, following them wherever they go with the capacity to hold and transport up to 45 lbs of weight, potentially helping people in all walks of life from doctors to construction workers and beyond.

The LA CoMotion Expo & Festival began on November 15 and runs until November 19. Public admission is 100% free to anyone with a love of technology who wants to catch a glimpse at the future.



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