New York Governor Hobnobs in California

It's no secret that powerful people like to visit California. These trips are made to network with some of the most powerful people in the world. Media moguls, tech billionaires, and massively influential people all call California home. This is why people are closly watching New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's visit to California so closely.
Governor Cuomo is scheduled to make fundraising visits with key lawyers, entertainment industry leaders, and powerful financiers. It's strongly expected Governor Cuomo will run for a third term in 2018. However, Cuomo's visit is also fueling speculation Cuomo has presidential ambitions for 2020.

Governor Cuomo's first scheduled visit is with Larry Baer, the president of the San Francisco Giants. The two will meet over breakfast at a prestigious law firm. Later that night, Cuomo is scheduled to hobnob in Beverly Hills with Hollywood executives at a reception held in the home of Laura and Jeff Shell. It's predicted the co-founder of DreamWorks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, will be there. Other attendees include Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger and CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves.

If you happen to be interested in showing up to impress Governor Cuomo, you can make an appearance as well. However, you'll need to shell up some serious money to be able to do so. Tickets for the event cost between $1,000 and $50,000.

Some people claim Cuomo is simply making the trip and participating in a fundraiser to help New York maintain favorable ties with the film industry. However, the trip contrasts greatly with Cuomo's previous habit of rarely traveling out of state. (Reportedly, this was done to avoid sending messages to New Yorkers he is interested in jettisoning state politics for national politics.) Also, Cuomo has made it a habit to be vocally critical of President Trump's policies, commentary that resonates outside his state. Finally, Cuomo has traveled to Israel to show support for the Jewish community and to Puerto Rico to assess hurricane damage. It would be odd indeed for Cuomo to be uninterested in national politics at this point.

Of course, Governor Cuomo would have liabilities running for national office. Forging close ties to the entertainment industry, something Hillary Clinton did, may be one of them. Also, Cuomo has dismal support among educators in his home state, and he has overlapping views with Trump's cabinet pick Betsy DeVos.

What do you think? Ate you glad this New Yorker is visiting California? Let us know below!



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