NAACP Asks For National Anthem To Be Kept Out Of NFL

National Football League

The NAACP has made what is sure to be a controversial move with some. The organization has called upon the NFL to remove the national anthem as part of their pre-game festivities.

The organization has long been out in support for Colin Kaepernick, the player who started taking a knee during the national anthem a year ago. He has been a lightening rod of controversy ever since that moment. However, the NAACP has taken his side in the matter, and they are critical of the league for essentially not allowing Kaepernick to play. While he is not technically barred from doing so, no team seems ready to start him given the controversy.

A pastor from San Francisco has joined the NAACP in their call to have the national anthem stripped away from the presentation of the National Football League games. ABC News in San Francisco has reported that the NAACP has stepped back to look at the anthem itself after so much attention has been given to it as a result of the controversies.

The song became the national anthem back in 1931, during which time Woodrow Wilson was President. Looking back at his tenure as President, many now say that the man was clearly a racist. The argument from those opposed to the national anthem now is that the song was born out of racism, and that it still clearly remains a racist tune. As such, they would like to see it leave the whole presentation of America's favorite sport.

Naturally, this stance has drawn a lot of criticism and backlash from many others. Many have stated that they want to see the anthem remain, and that they view the song as one of unity, not division. The song has also been woven into the fabric of the country for a very long period of time, and there is a lot of emotion attached to it. Trying to win people over to an argument about taking it away from something they love so dearly is going to be a hard one to win to say the least.

There are many who are now saying that this request is just too extreme. They would like to see the NAACP scale back what they are requesting from the NFL. It is just too much of an ask for some people to get behind. Regardless, this controversy is bound to continue to rage no matter what.


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