Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Reveal Ways that Californians Could Weather the Next Recession

While no one really likes to think about the possibility of another recession, sometimes it is hard not to, especially if you live in California. A recent report shows that Californians have more twice as much debt as income, which could spell trouble for many people. The report draws its information from data found in from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other similar databases. It compared Californians debt to that of residents of other states.


If you live in California, there are solutions to your debt problem. Recent Freedom Debt Relief reviews show that people in this program are successfully eliminating their debt and regaining control of their financial situation.
Factors That Impact Californians’ High Debt-to-Income Ratio
California is an incredibly beautiful state to live in. There is something here for everyone: outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the beach, the mountains, or even the desert. There is great shopping, fantastic restaurants, vineyards, Hollywood, sports, and some of the most incredible homes in the country. But all of these great opportunities and activities come at a price. And without the income to support these expenses, many Californians have found themselves in debt. In fact, the average per-resident debt in California is $65,740 and the median income is $28,000.


Why is debt so high? There are many factors that impact this. Take housing, for example. California has some of the highest home prices in the country. As of July, the average home price for a resident of Los Angeles County was $610,000. The price of the average home in Orange County was a hefty $750,000. Not only are the prices high, the market can be extremely volatile. Prices go up in good times, but crash in bad times, leaving homeowners owing more than what their homes are worth.


Another factor that impacts the amount of debt is California’s high income tax rate. In California, residents must pay 13.3 percent, which means less money in the pocket to cover expenses. With high expenses and low cash flow, many Californians resort to using credit cards. Californians carry some of the highest credit card debt in the nation. The average resident of this state has credit card debt in the amount of $5,769.


While this news may seem bleak, Californians do have options and many are looking for ways to improve their financial situation. The Freedom Debt Relief reviews by Californians have shown that those who enroll in this program are eliminating their credit card debt and getting a strong handle on their finances.


Not only are people tackling their financial issues on a personal level, state legislators are also looking for ways to relieve some of the debt crisis.
Legislation that Could Help Relieve Californians’ Debt
One way that the government is looking to eliminate some of the debt is by helping college students avoid the pitfalls of student loan debt. Currently, the average California college student borrows on average $22,191 over the course of their time in college. So, to help alleviate this, the California Assembly Democrats are proposing a new plan called Degrees Not Debt.


The Degrees Not Debt program could help over 400,0000 students from the University of California and California State University pay for living and tuition expenses. The program would be implemented over the course of five years and ultimately cost the state $1.6 billion. In addition to assisting students at these two universities, the program would also increase community college grants and even allow students to attend a community college for free their first year of school.


These students would still have access to other financial assistance, such as Pell Grants and scholarships. They would be expected to work part-time jobs to help pay for their schooling. Those who have parents who earn over $60,000 could also be asked to help cover some of the costs, but the remaining tuition would be covered by this program. For the University of California, this comes to approximately $33,000 per student. At California State schools, this equates to about $22,000 of the cost of college being covered by the state.


If you are a parent of or a student planning to enter college soon, this could be a great way to help keep you from going into debt (or increasing your existing debt). However, if you already have student loan debt and credit card debt, this program may not help you much. Fortunately, there are other solutions for you. The Freedom Debt Relief reviews have shown that this program has helped over 350,000 people resolve their debt and this program could help you too.
Freedom Debt Relief Reviews – What People are Saying About the Program
What is Freedom Debt Relief? It is the largest and most successful debt solution provider in the nation. With a proven program that helps people regain control of their finances, it has resolved over $7 billion in debt. Here are just a few of the Freedom Debt Relief reviews:


“I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is not to have to deal directly with my creditors. Whenever I receive correspondence from them or attorneys hired by them, I just fax that info to FDR and they handle the matter. It is also nice to not be getting bills from my creditors in the mail.  I am working to resolve my debts through FDR and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.” Richard


“I’ve tried other programs before that made monthly payments absurdly high, so much so that I had to quit them and start all over again in new ones. FDR is entirely different. I didn’t have to spend hours on the phone detailing every tiny part of my budget, feeling embarrassed about my situation… Finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.” Caitlin


“If you have any doubt about doing this please put the doubts aside. This experience has been a god send and I no longer worry myself sick about how I won’t have enough money to make the bills. Everyone is wonderful and you know they are working on your behalf to get you back on track!” Sherry


If you are one of the many people in California, or anywhere else in the country, struggling with debt, there is help. Freedom Debt Relief could help you, just as it helped Richard, Caitlin, Sherry, and many others. While they cannot help with student debt, they are able to create a custom plan for you unsecured debts. They recognize that each person’s situation is unique, and offer a free debt evaluation to find out which solution might be right for you, even if the solution ends up being something other than their program.



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