How LA Executive Don Ressler Teamed Up With Kate Hudson To Create an Athletic Wear Empire

Fabletics is an activewear company started in 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler that operates under the TechStyle Fashion Group (previously JustFab). It has been in business for a couple of years during which it has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success, especially as an apparel retailer. Fabletics is the fastest growing division of TechStyles with sales increasing by a staggering 43% in 2016. The company has its brick and mortar footprint in about 22 stores and intends to expand this even more in the future, thanks in large part due to the passion of co-founder Kate Hudson.

Fabletics has positioned itself as a stylish yet approachable activewear brand. The company produces a new collection (what the company commonly refers to as a story) each month. Following in the fashion of Warby Parker and Apple, Fabletics has also transformed from an e-commerce site to position itself in over six major retail locations all over the United States. Currently, the company earns an annual revenue of $250 million dollars; a true testament to the tremendous growth the company has experienced. The brand features celebrity collections by Olympic athlete Will Clave for FL2 and popular singer Demi Lovato among many others.

The customer targeting model used by Fabletics is quite effective. The model is simple: there is a free Fabletics VIP Membership after which a sign up can be done and $49 paid to receive a curated outfit such as a sports bra or top. The decision as to what exactly to give a customer is reached using information acquired through a brief online quiz. Through the quiz, fashion and lifestyle preferences are established to tailor make whatever is given out. The curated outfit came from Kate Hudson inspired by the fact that when Fabletics entered the market, there were few if any good quality activewear brands that were sold at reasonable and affordable prices. The cheapest yoga pants back then went for about $250; quite expensive if you consider the price of yoga pants today.

The media limelight the company has enjoyed can be attributed to several factors. These factors have a lot to do with the leadership of the company as well as the intangibles championed by management which have been taken to heart by the members of staff. The two key members of management that contributed towards the success of Fabletics are Kate Hudson and Don Ressler.

Kate Hudson

Golden Globe award-winning actress Kate Hudson is not only popular for her amazing acting skills but also for her might and voice in the fashion industry. She became part of the Fabletics team in 2013. Hudson had contemplated getting into fashion for quite some time before 2013. She was motivated by her desire to reach out to a market demography that had been neglected and also because she wanted to pursue her creative desire. Though her love for fashion was unwavering, she wanted to do fashion in a way that gave her the flexibility to be able to pursue her acting career and also allow her enough time to spend with her two sons (6 and 13 years old). She achieved this flexibility by having a company structure that allowed her to be absent physically from the company while still giving her the platform to chip in with her ideas on media and marketing and also help with product development. She found amazing professionals to work with on the management team such as Don Ressler, and not that guy from the Blacklist.

Other than being part of the design team, Kate also appears on athleisure advertising. Her stature and social media following rack in big for the company with sales shooting for every product she puts on. The pressure to market is not solely on Kate though as the company uses several other people from its chief stylist to company models in advertisements. Kate readily gets advise from Jessica Alba and Kurt Russel who are established entrepreneurs familiar with big businesses and the fashion industry. In the words of Kate, it is a pleasure to speak to someone who has a complete understanding of the ins and outs of being part of a company that has experienced tremendous growth.

Don Ressler

Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Don Ressler is a key contributor to Fabletic’s success. He is a renowned pioneer in online space and e-commerce in general. His vast experience dealing with companies that operated on a big scale certainly worked to the benefit of Fabletics. Rassler sold his business ( to Intermix Media (the parent company of MySpace) in 1997. He went on to single-handedly spearhead ventures that quadrupled the value of the company. Fitness Heaven was bought by News Corp for more than $670 million. Ressler also co-founded Hydroderm and Alena Media which have collectively already raised over $1 billion in revenue and $100 million in funding. His current deployment at Fabletics has him handling vision and customer experience for the company. His docket has a big impact on the company’s future and the perception the company evokes in the market.

The technology used by Fabletics positions Don to be able to spearhead the company in the right direction. The company uses Omnicart software to reveal how its customers are reacting to stock. The software keeps track of key user statistics for example how many times a particular outfit was taken repeatedly to the dressing room to fit but not bought. This helps the company address fabric issues and any potential fit early as quickly as possible to ensure customers get the best experience while shopping. It also makes it easier for the company to track popular designs and outfits and relay the same to the design team so as to tap into customer interest. As such, the vision always stays clear and it is easy to compare the future with the current using real-time statistics.

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