California is Vocal Regarding Climate Change

California’s Gov. Jerry Brown is a man on a mission to reduce carbon emissions not only in California but also in the U.S and other parts of the world. Brown, who is on a two week trip to Europe, announced on Tuesday that California would work alongside China and EU to design and implement efficient carbon markets. Presently, California has a carbon market in place which the states operates with Canada’s Quebec and Ontario.

Carbon markets result from the trading of carbon emission allowances, and it is aimed at reducing Carbon (IV) Oxide emissions. As at 2014, California’s CO2 emission figure was above 700 million metric tons. The state was the second on the list just after Texas. Brown is determined to lower the figure significantly.

Brown announced the collaboration between California and the two partners when he addressed the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. He stressed the need for various entities (governments, NGOs, people, etc.) coming together, analyzing the situation, and providing solutions to overcome the climate change issues. Brown did not forget to mention that Americans do not speak with one voice regarding climate change, but they are coming together nevertheless. He concluded the address by emphasizing the threat that climate change is to humanity. According to him, the threat can only be neutralized by global collaborative efforts which he believes needs to be intensified.

The governor is scheduled to attend the UN’s conference in Bonn, Germany. The conference’s agenda will be the international Paris accord whose main aim is to reduce carbon emissions. The conference comes in the wake of President Donald Trump making it clear that he intends to withdraw the country from the agreement. However, Brown is not deterred, in fact, he is emerging as one of the prominent leaders in the US in support of the international climate policy. The U.N appointed him the special adviser for states and regions in the coming conference.

Since he took office, Brown has initiated a number of multi-state climate change agreements. He is the force behind the Under2 Coalition plan; as the name suggests, the deal aims at minimizing the global temperature rise to a figure less than two. Also, he has been open to collaborations—on climate change—with other states or countries. Brown is also scheduled to address a cap-and-trade programs forum organized by China. California is setting the pace for other states regarding climate change.


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