San Francisco Educators to receive an 11 percent Salary Raise

San Francisco Educators

School district officials and the union recently agreed to new contract terms for a proposed double-digit salary raise for San Francisco educators. This increase will be among the highest that have been offered in California. The United Educators of San Francisco’s 6,200 members will review the proposal and approve it before it is implemented. The employees of the city’s school who include teachers, classroom assistants, librarians, early childhood workers, nurses, and social workers will benefit if the contract is passed since they will be offered annual bonuses and 11 percent salary increase over three years. Their gross salary will rise by 16 percent before the deduction of a parcel tax that the city’s leadership wants to the vote on next year.

According to the executive VP of the San Francisco teachers' union, Susan Solomon, the proposed raise is the highest pay package that has ever been given to any school district in the state. Teachers in San Francisco are offered an annual compensation of $70,000 and classroom aides who are under the union receive about $30,000. The proposal that was drafted is similar to what the state’s educators got three years ago, but it is higher than what other public contractors get. Contracts that were recently signed in Hemet, San Bruno, and Santa Rosa offered teachers a salary increase of less than 3 percent and one-time bonuses. This package is significantly low compared to what San Francisco educators got.

The president of the union, Lita Blanc, said that most professionals in California had received a 4 percent salary raise. Cities such as Berkeley have offered as little as 1 percent. Officials of the school district and union have agreed that the city will still be unaffordable to most of the educator even if the new package is approved. Most of the educator will have to commute from the far ends of Bay Area or live with roommates or relatives for them to stay near their schools.

Mark Sanchez, a commissioner of the San Francisco Board of Education, said that the new contract would ensure that there is equity between teacher and other local officials. He also said that the salary would be far from what one needs to acquire a home or even pay rent in the expensive city. A 20 percent raise would also not enable the teacher to live and work in San Francisco comfortably. The agreed contract will provide professional training to various school employees in fields such as handling traumatized children, different disciplinary measures, and offered an excellent learning environment to children.


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