The Elementary Teacher That Had Been Held Hostage Was Rescued

Luvelle Kennon a man aged 27 was shot by the police on Tuesday and later passed on while in the hospital. He was shot after the SWAT officers stormed in Riverside elementary school classroom where he had taken a teacher hostage. The standoff had lasted a couple of hours. According to a police officer by the name Ryan Railsback, Ms. Linda Montgomery who had been held hostage sustained several injuries and cuts that resulted from the grabbing as she was dragged into an empty classroom by the parent. During the entire standoff that lasted about seven hours, the crisis negotiators were able to make contact with the suspect but did not hear from Ms. Montgomery all the while. It is for this reason that the police decided to get into the classroom.

It is not yet clear whether the suspect had any weapon. Witnesses, however, said that they did not identify any ammunition of any kind. The programs for the elementary school were therefore adjourned for the rest of the week. All the commotion that led to the standoff enshrined at around 11:10 A.M when Mr. Kennon arrived in Castle View Elementary School and forced his way past the staff at the central office of the institution. According to Mr. Railback, the parent did not seem to follow the safety procedures that are put in place by the school including checking in with the front desk. While confronting the parent, one teacher was hit in the face. One person who witnessed this scene stated that the teacher’s nose was broken and his face bloodied. He was treated at the hospital. It is after this that the parent to a first-grade girl took Ms. Montgomery hostage, for reasons that remain unknown.

As at 1 P.M, all students were evacuated and reunited with their parents by the police. Ariana Montgomery, a granddaughter of Linda, was one of the relatives who came to the Scene. After being rescued, the authority stated that Linda Montgomery was in good condition. The police are still looking to establish the motive of the parent. As of Wednesday, counselors will be availed for the students in case they need any help. While recounting the happenings, Stephanie Zolfaghari the school secretary described Mr. Kennon as one of the most agitated parents she had seen in a while. She also said that upon his storming into the school, she called for a lockdown.



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