Historic Battleship Offers Haircuts on Board

Historic Battleship

She served her nation proudly for more than fifty years, sailing around the world and seeing action in two wars. Now, the USS Iowa is seeing action again, at least in her barbershop. The decommissioned US Navy battleship, a museum since 2012, has reopened its historic on-board barbershop and invited the public to come in for a haircut and some history.

During her glory days, the Iowa carried thousands of sailors on long deployments to every corner of the globe. Sailors needed haircuts, and the barbershop was a busy place. In later years, President George H.W. Bush sat down for a cut on board, and visitors to the barbershop can still sit in the exact same chair used by the President.

To experience the treat of a battleship haircut, visitors must climb a few ladders to reach the barbershop, and need an appointment. The barbershop isn't open every day. Haircuts are available only on special "Barbershop Days," with slots filling up very quickly.

According to ABC7 News, appointments are available every 30 minutes on the specially designated days, and haircuts go for $20 - cash only.

Barbershop patrons can also receive a discounted ticket for a self-guided tour of the rest of the ship. Visitors can walk the same corridors that President Roosevelt walked when the Iowa carried him across the Atlantic during World War II. Tour participants visit many areas of the ship, learning about her important commissions, her battle history, her weapons and more.

Haircuts on "Barbershop Days" are performed by one of four professional barbers and the only way to see the barbershop is to book a haircut appointment - it's not included on the regular ship tour. The USS Iowa Museum is located on the waterfront in San Pedro and is open for tours every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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