Pet Cemetery Amazingly is Spared From California Fires

In the midst of the charred landscape remaining as an aftermath of the Atlas fire burn area sits the Bubbling Wells Pet Memorial Park, which overlooks the world-famous Napa Valley's “Wine Country” in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. It is an oasis of green off Atlas Peak Drive and somehow escaped the wildfires that swept the area.

When the LA Times reporter was there on Saturday afternoon, October 14, his only company was a deer and her two fawns. They had found refuge under a shady oak tree and were oblivious to the smoke from the Napa Valley Nuns fire that plumed from the hills on the other side.

The babbling brook had its sound interrupted only intermittently by a fire truck or a utility crew's diesel engine as it powered up the mountain to extinguish existing hot spots or continue the difficult task of reconnecting phone lines.

This Memorial Park offers individual cremation, burial, and other memorial services for the area residents' beloved departed pets. The pets are honored with a choice of burial markers and a wide selection of urns in addition to a standard cedar box. That includes photo, VIP, wood, garden stone, vase style, figurine, and others.

More than 12,000 pets are already resting in the burial grounds which are permanently-zoned. The gardens are cared for regularly year-round, and visitors are welcome every day of the year, whether human or a deer and her fawns!

In other news about animals, the Atlas Fire displaced hundreds of animals in Napa, Solano, and Sonoma counties, many of which had to find temporary refuge at the large animal evacuation center at the Solano fairgrounds. Volunteers were called for who had experience in handling large animals including horses and livestock because that shelter has become a 24-hour operation. Volunteers are assigned tasks based on their skills and what the immediate needs are at the time.




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