No Risk to Baby’s Intelligence and Behavior on Drinking Moderate Levels of Caffeine by Pregnant Women

No Risk to Baby’s Intelligence and Behavior on Drinking Moderate Levels of Caffeine by Pregnant Women

Consuming moderate levels of caffeine everyday by pregnant women causes no harm to intellectual and behavioral nature of offspring. The new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology reassures pregnant women that they are not harming their baby’s IQ level by taking moderate levels of caffeine. According to NHS, pregnant women can still enjoy morning cup of joe without having second thought that it would cause harm to their baby.

Pregnant women cares for the food they eat and drink and many studies conducted in past have shown negative effects of caffeine during pregnancy. But, the new study shows that consuming 200 milligrams (mg) or two cups to three cups of instant coffee per day cause no harm to baby. The Nationwide Children’s Hospital is one of the first to focus on the coffee-pregnancy issue and to study the effects of caffeine intake on child’s future intelligence and behavior.

Mark A. Klebanoff, Principal investigator and MD, said “They did not find evidence of an adverse association of maternal pregnancy caffeine consumption with child cognition or behavior at 4 or 7 years of age”. Dr. Klebanoff and Sarah Keim, PhD, examined blood samples taken between the years 1959 and 1975 from nearly 2,200 pregnant women. Researchers looked at the association between a chemical called paraxanthine, a primary metabolite of caffeine, at two points in pregnancy and compared the levels to child’s intelligence (IQ) and behavior at age 4 and 7 years.

Dr. Klebanoff said that they found no consistent patterns between drinking coffee during pregnancy and the development and behavior of children of those points in their lives.



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