Where is D.B. Cooper?

It was 46 years ago on November 24, 1971, when the infamous D.B. Cooper walked into Northwest Airlines in Portland, Oregon creating a mystery that would perplex law enforcement and sleuths alike for years to come. The truth has yet to unveil, although law enforcement and the FBI have gathered a small collection of evidence and several suspects. There are certain facts surrounding the case and a few conclusions drawn by people involved in the mystery.

A man, who claimed to be Dan Cooper, and later misidentified by the press as D.B. Cooper walked into the airport in Portland, Oregon the 24th day of November in 1971. He looked to be the professional type, donning a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase. He purchased a ticket and boarded the plane to Seattle, Washington. After the plane made its way into the sky, he handed over a note to the flight attendant confessing his intent to hijack the plane. He revealed a bomb that he had casually brought along inside of the briefcase. He sent instructions for the pilot to land the plane in Seattle. As the plane landed he demanded a $200,000 ransom, food for the crew and 4 parachutes. He then allowed the 36 passengers to exit the plane. Cooper along with 3 pilots and a flight attendant, took off, again, into the sky. Cooper demanded the flight attendant into the cockpit with the other hostages, as he suited up in the skydiving gear. He secured the $200,000 in marked bills in a bank bag tied to his body. Somewhere between southern Washington and Portland, Oregon, he dove from the plane into nonexistence.

The only evidence left behind was the black tie that Cooper was wearing and 2 of the parachutes he had requested. The military did an extensive search, on foot and using helicopters, in the area where they believed Cooper to have jumped. In 1980, on the Columbia River, north of Portland, a little boy was playing in the sand and discovered $5800 in cash bundled together just a few inches below the sand. The serial numbers on the cash matched that of the ransom money demanded by D.B. Cooper 9 years earlier. Several theories came about as to how the money got there but there was never any evidence leading to exactly who the man really was.

It is possible that he died in the jump and the body was never discovered. Several people interested in the case have come to conclusions on who the man was and are certain that his identity will be revealed and the FBI will prosecute. As for now, D.B. Cooper only existed as a mystery for a day in history.



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