Battling Wildfires in California


California is one a unique state for a variety of reasons. There is a huge difference between different parts of the state in both culture and climate. In certain areas of the state, wildfires have been an issue over the past few years. The state has had little rainfall, and this is causing drought conditions.

With the latest wildfire issues, there are hundreds of people missing. The local authorities are getting overwhelmed with missing person reports. However, they have to concentrate on battling the wildfires to prevent further damage. There are some homes that are more prepared for the wildfires than others. There are several things that homeowners can do to protect their home in these situations.

Prepping the Home

If a wildfire is going to come near your home, it is vital to take action in order to prevent widespread damage. If you are storing any gasoline in your home, it needs to leave the home when you do. One of the biggest issues that authorities have is that homes become fuel for the fire as it spreads. Removing as much flammable content as possible is a vital part of preventing further damage.

In addition, before a wildfire comes to an area, the local authorities generally have a plan of where they want to combat it. This is based on the weather and the local terrain. It is easier to combat a wildfire from higher ground and in an open area. Battling a wildfire in a wooded area is really dangerous and can lead to people getting injured.


The good news for California is that there is more rain this year than last year. In the coming years, the people there are hoping that this trend continues. If the state will simply receive more rainfall, the number of wildfires will decrease dramatically.

The state is also investing in a fire prevention irrigation system in the most important population areas. Although this will not prevent wildfires from occurring, it can help to combat them before they start. Local authorities are hoping that all of the missing people in California are found after the wildfires stop spreading.



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