The State of California and Gun Laws

Gun Laws

California treasurer John Chiang has written to pension funds board members requesting them to deal with retailers that sell illegal guns and ammunitions in the state. This comes after a Las Vegas shooting that resulted in the death of 59 people. 500 people were also wounded. At the moment, the state of California has the stickiest gun laws in the United States. Mr. Chiang said that at the moment, there is little that sympathy and shock can do to the people who have to bury a relative or a friend. John Chiang is a Democrat. He wrote the above statement in one of the letters addressed to the Teachers Retirement Board. This is a board that works for the Teachers Retirement System in the State of California. He further urged the members to leave the rituals of grief and instead look into the ways that they can prevent people from accessing weapons of mass destruction. This is not the first time that this has happened in the State. For instance, following the Sandy Hook massacre that resulted in the death of 20 students, the state through the pension funds embarked on a mission of divesting investments that had been set aside for gun manufacturers. However, should the state achieve this feat, it will not be the first.

This happened in New York last year when the board of New York City Employees Retirement System decided to divest its shares. They managed this feat with two pensions namely Big 5 Sporting Goods and Dick’s Sporting Goods. The public advocate of New York said that the city was not interested in doing business with companies that supported the deaths of people in the city. However, the two pensions refused to comment on the issue when approached by reporters. Bass Pro Shops released a report on Friday saying that they were saddened by the shootings in Las Vegas. As a result, they promised that they would no longer stock the bump stock devices. This is a device that is capable of transforming a riffle to an automatic weapon. At the moment, it’s not clear about the retailers that are likely to be affected by the decision. Walmart has not sold an assault rifle since 2015. The strict rules in California relating to guns means that the state has banned assault rifles. At the same time, the state has the right to carry out a background check on the people buying weapons.



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