Fullerton school avoids sending out semen contiminate flutes

Students at a California elementary school have engaged in an arts and craft exchange with students at an elementary school in the Philippines for several years ago. Students at the Fullerton School made many PVC pipe flutes decorated with different designs to send to children in the developing nation. The student who made the flute included a rolled up note to be read by the intended recipient. This exchange worked well but a recent discovery may halt the program temporarily. The California Department of Justice and the Postal Service are conducing an investigation to see if some of the flutes were contaminated by semen.

The investigators believe that the pipes may have been contaminated by the music specialist who provided the PVC pipes used to make the instruments to the school district. No one knows if any of the students at Fullerton became sick because of the contaminated pipes, and school district officials made the discovery before the students sent any pipes overseas.

Although there seem to be no illnesses resulting from the contamination, parents of Fullerton students reacted with revulsion to the news. Several sources called it “revolting” or “nauseating.” The school plans to continue its work with the Flutes across the World Organization, although plans are on hold until the source of the contamination can be found.

A spokesperson for the Post Office said that no arrests have been made in the case, but she would not provide further comment about an ongoing investigation. For the moment, how the pipes became contaminated and who contaminated them remain a mystery. The organization providing the craft supplies was founded in Ojai in 2013, and it could not be reached for comment at the time of writing. If someone is found to be responsible for stuffing the pipes with this sticky bodily fluid, he could face several years of jail time.



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