LA Rams Are Excited About Michael Brockers' Transition and Their Physical D-Line

At this particular juncture in the 2017-18 NFL regular season, there are quite a few teams delivering some surprises on the field from a performance standpoint.

One of those eye-opening NFL ball clubs is the Los Angeles Rams. With a 3-1 record after four regular season games, the Los Angeles Rams are currently the top team in the NFL's NFC West, a division of the league that many predicted would be dominated by the Seattle Seahawks. What happened on Sunday, October 1, 2017 has changed those predictions.

On that day, the Los Angeles Rams pulled off a shocker when they upset the Dallas Cowboys, the reigning NFC East Champions at home inside their own AT&T Stadium. Fresh off a 2-1 start, the Cowboys went into last week's game determined to protect their home field and keep the momentum going after a win on the road at Arizona the week before.

However, the emergence of Jared Goff as a legitimate, signal-calling playmaker coupled with the pounding on the ground the Cowboys defense received from Rams running back Todd Gurley took a toll on a Dallas ball club, which looked too bewildered to hold on to control of the pace late in the game.

When the smoke cleared, the 35-30 final score was not necessarily indicative of the what happened in the game, which was fourth quarter domination by the Los Angeles Rams on both sides of the ball. Rams Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips also made some in-game adjustments that proved to be very effective against the Cowboys.

One of those adjustments involved Rams defensive lineman Michael Brockers. The 6'5", 305-pound Brockers naturally started off his NFL career as a defensive tackle in the middle of the line. His primary job has been to serve as a run stuffer who attacks the line of scrimmage.

However, in the Rams' win against the Cowboys last week, Phillips lined Brockers up on the edge of the defensive line and it worked wonders. The fearsome Rams defender broke up a few passes and delivered a punishing sack on Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. This helped validate Phillips' mantra about putting players in positions to succeed.

“Inside I wanted to show the world what I had. You want to be a team player — you want to do what you have to for the team. But at the same time, sometimes you want those little accolades, to get the sack and hear your name called," Brokers said, according to the Los Angeles Times sports page.

The Seattle Seahawks are the next team who will have to prepare themselves for the Rams and their emerging dominance.



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