Fabletics Supports Breast Cancer Awareness With Stunning, Themed Clothing Line

Fabletics is teaming up with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Initiative to fight breast cancer together with fashion

Kate Hudson recently visited the Del Amo Fashion Center Mall in Torrance, California. She spoke at the Fabletics store there. Her visit was spurred by the promotion of the Fabletics global campaign called Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. The campaign is being promoted with the cooperation of the Fashion Designers of America. While visiting the Torrance store, Kate unveiled a cute new fashion line designed especially for breast cancer awareness. Since October is the official month to raise awareness for breast cancer, Kate was pleased to participate by encouraging support from customers.
Kate Hudson Announces New Fabletics Collection
After revealing the new collection of clothes in bright blue and baby pink colors, Kate said that the cause of spreading breast cancer awareness was important to her personally and to the Fabletics company. This is Kate's second year serving as the ambassador for FTBC. Kate hopes that more women will buy the new line of clothing over the company's other products this month. Since they now know what the line represents, she said that many customers will be more likely to purchase something meaningful. Kate also emphasized that the Fabletics brand encourages women to support each other.

In an interview, Kate said that many exciting things have happened for the company over the past year. She was pleased about the opening of more brick-and-mortar stores across the country and the Fabletics' ever-increasing popularity of the online shopping platform. However, all business growth comes with stress. To combat the stress, Kate said that she focuses on keeping her body and mind healthy. She encourages women everywhere to do the same. Kate explained that the body and mind have to work together and need each other for a woman to become the best possible version of herself. She says that women should make a conscious effort to think positively at all times. By living with optimism, motivation comes easier. Kate is happy that the Fabletics brand emanates positive thinking and healthy living.

As the interview came to an end, Kate said that she was excited about continuing the expansion of the Fabletics brand. Blending fashion and fitness was a creative concept, and the unique membership platform used by Fabletics was a great tool for making women a dedicated part of their own success. Kate said that she enjoys releasing new designs since they reflect the current fashion trends. Since the company's membership platform is based on monthly shipments or suggestions, Kate said that Fabletics has plenty of freedom to create new styles each month. She enjoys seeing how people respond to the new ensembles and which ones become the hottest trends.
About Fabletics
In 2013, Fabletics was founded by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler also founded TechStyle, which led to the development of the famous JustFab shopping platform. Fabletics was designed using the same membership-based platform as the JustFab clothing and shoe company. To use it, participants must enroll electronically. They receive a customized style suggestion each month. If they wish to purchase suggested garments, the items are shipped to them. There is no need to go through the typical e-commerce checkout process. If customers prefer not to make a purchase, they simply choose to skip an automatic card charge for that month. Any automatic charges build as credit toward future purchases. One of the unique features of Fabletics is that celebrity stylists pick the clothing suggestions each month to match various profiles, which customers create based on their individual fashion preferences.

The Fabletics founders ensure that only high-quality fabrics are used for their fashion collections. When the initial batch of garments arrived before Fabletics officially launched, the founders wanted to improve the quality and scrapped the entire collection. They delayed launching to wait for an improved collection. The company has low loss rates because of its smart inventory system, which is designed to track trends. Stores and the online shopping platform can keep the most popular styles in stock because of the innovative inventory system. When Fabletics members enter an actual store, they receive notifications about personalized suggestions and where to find them. Fabletics plans to roll out more stores across the country in 2018.



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