California Stands With People Of Nevada Following Country Festival Massacre

It's been called the largest mass murder in United States history, and today, stunned people in Las Vegas are trying to pick up the pieces.

According to the L.A.Times, California Governor Jerry Brown issued a statement Monday morning, saying that he and state lawmakers "stand with the people of Nevada" in this horrific event.

The killer, 64, is dead and his companion questioned following rapid blasts of gunfire from a 32nd hotel room window that murdered 58 people and injured 551 others during an outdoor country music concert. Some 22,000 people were at the Rt. 91 Harvest Festival located across the street from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday night just after 10 p.m.

Several officers from Nevada and California, both on and off-duty, were wounded by gunfire, and one off-duty officer attending the festival was killed.
Police officials say that lone gunman Stephen Craig Paddock allegedly had an arsenal of weapons in his Mandalay Bay hotel suite, including 10 rifles. He was retired and often visited Las Vegas to gamble, according to the suspect's brother Eric. Paddock was said to be going through a divorce; his alleged companion, girlfriend Marilou Danley, does not appear to have been involved in the deadly mass shootings, say authorities.

Eric Paddock stated that his family is shocked and heartbroken, saying his brother Stephen had never even drawn a gun.

The rumble of gunfire caused screams and a stampede of concertgoers running and ducking for their lives. Country star Jason Aldean was on stage in the middle of his set when the first shots were fired. Many attendees initially thought the gunfire was fireworks. Aldean then dropped his guitar and ran off stage.

Police were able to get to the 32nd-floor suite very quickly and blow off the door from Paddock's hotel room. When they entered, however, Paddock had already committed suicide.

ISIS has been claiming responsibility for the slaughter, saying that Stephen Craig Paddock was a recent convert to Islam. Police officials, however, claim at this time, the suspect did not have any ties to any terrorist group. Paddock was a resident of Mesquite, Nevada and lived at a retirement community there.

The motive has yet to be determined.

President Trump offered his condolences on Twitter, calling the deadliest shooting in U.S. history as an act of pure evil. He will visit Las Vegas on Wednesday.



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