Methamphetamine In Mother's Body When She Crashed Car

A young mother crashed her car last year. The vehicle plunged into the Northern California River. Her two girls were in the car at the time and were killed because of the accident. Officers have now released information that the mother had methamphetamine in her body when the crash occurred. The young mother, 27-year-old Alejandra Hernandez-Ruiz, recently had a bail hearing to determine if she could be released from jail after paying her bail.

The prosecution gave details about the woman at the trial that are unsettling. She had already been declared a negligent driver in the past. Just a few days before the accident that killed her daughters, the woman had been drinking. There is also a possibility that she had been drinking the day before the crash. The accident happened in August of 2016. The young girls were only 7 and 9 when they were killed because of the actions of their mother.

Hernandez-Ruiz is being held on charges of vehicular manslaughter and child endangerment. She has also been charged with driving a vehicle on a suspended license. Even though the prosecution claims to have documentation about meth being in the woman's body when the crash occurred, the woman's attorney claims that there is no evidence to back up this charge. After listening to the evidence presented, the judge did release the mother. However, she now has to wear an electronic monitoring device until she returns to court for her trial. She is not allowed to leave her home unless it's an emergency or unless she gets permission. The reason for releasing the mother is because she has cervical cancer and needs to get the proper treatment for the disease. There has not been a court date set for the mother's trial concerning the charges related to the fatal crash.



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