Kim Walls Becomes The Global General Manager For Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime recently announced that Executive Vice President Kim Walls is being promoted to Global General Manager, effective immediately. In the new position, Kim will have more control over Lime Crime's international brand growth.

Kim Walls is a well-renowned professional with an impressive and extensive track record of building brands from the ground up, from small start-ups to globally accredited multinationals. During a fairly short period, less than two years as the Executive Vice President of Lime Crime, Walls was instrumental in assisting the business to forge its name as one of the most renowned and fastest developing indie cosmetic firms in the world.

“We are more than delighted to unveil Walls as our new General Manager and we cannot wait to see how she manages our continually growing business,” said Doe Deere, the Founder of Lime Crime.

“As a well-established 4th generation mogul, her expertise and experience both in growing brands and the industry, in general, have significantly contributed towards the bettering of the firm. Kim’s leadership and her incredible contributions particularly with nurturing and guiding the company’s team of professionals have been monumental in ensuring that our business scales up through the heights-she is the person to beat when it boils down to making things happen! Her unique ability to continually leverage opportunities towards not only the building but also propelling the growth of the company makes her an invaluable asset to the firm”.

Kim brings an extensive wealth of experience and expertise in both beauty, and global eCommerce innovation to her newly acquired position. Besides being among the founders of the globally celebrated Epicurean Spa Line, she also happens to hold the CEO position in Episencial, where she has helped the brand not only expand into Asia, but also land meaningful partnerships with the key retailers like Target and Ulta.

What’s more, Walls also happens to be a devoted activist for health, the environment, and of course for women. For some time now, She has been actively participating in various socially conscious boards. Among them are Environment Working Group, where she served as the Committee Chair in Retails Relations, and as an acting investment partner at Portfolia, an investment group centered on women.

As the overall General Manager, she will work at ensuring the successful global expansion of the Los Angeles-based brand, while continuing to guarantee that every decision revolves around an enhanced customer experience. More precisely, Walls will carry on developing the company’s team, expanding and improving its characteristic technology infrastructure, not to mention working to improve both the brick-and-mortar presence, and the multinational eCommerce business of the Lime Crime brand

Her new role coincides with her original mission while she was serving as the company’s EVP; working towards the expansion of the brand’s multinational eCommerce business while maintaining the company’s socially-conscious ethos as well.

“For instance, it was quite challenging to establish significant inroads for the brand in China. This unusually expansive marketplace comprises consumers who are genuinely concerned about fantastic makeup and our company message. Regrettably, however, the fact that China mandates for animal testing ruled out the possibility of wholesale there”, Wall clarified. “Being Cruelty-Free and Vegan is part of what the firm believes, and as such, Lime Crime focuses on directly shipping products from the USA to the Chinese consumers. As such, we can identify every fundamental requirement essential in succeeding in a cross-border setting while subsequently adhering to the core values of our brand”.

Wall is excited about meeting and ultimately conquering new challenges in her quest to steer Lime Crime towards a successful global expansion.

About Kim Walls

Kim Walls is a well established executive in the beauty industry, with experience in product innovation and global eCommerce. She is an expert in aligning teams towards a realized collective vision as is indicated by her ability to help establish and develop businesses from the ground to globally acclaimed brands. Her impressive record of successfully leveraging progressive technologies (eCommerce) has seen her receive the moniker of Wonder Woman’ in her niche, and has also seen her receive recognition by WWD. Having served as Lime Crime’s Executive Vice President for over two years, she has made significant contributions towards establishing the company as one of the fastest developing indie cosmetic firms in the world. She is currently Lime Crime’s Global General Manager.


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