The Watergate Scandal Lawyer Dies at the age of 95

Herbert W. Kalmbach died on 15th September at the age of 95. Mr. Herbert was Richard Nixon’s personal lawyer during the Watergate Scandal. He died in his Newport Beach house in California. However, his death was not widely reported and was only released to the public through a paid death notice that was published in Los Angeles Times. At one point in his life, he was sentenced to jail and lost his license to practice as a lawyer. He was jailed for collecting money illegally and claiming that it would be used in a campaign. Most of this money was acquired from rich individuals and corporations. He was also responsible for the $500,000 that was used to spy and sabotage the Democrats during Nixon’s administration. He passed this money to the operative known as Donald H. Segretti. Out of this money, $220,000 was used to pay defendants who orchestrated the Democratic National Convention break-in. In the year 1970, Mr. Kalmbach splashed $100,000 in Alabama to prevent the re-election of George C. Wallace as governor. However, this move was unsuccessful. At the same time, he managed to acquire $2 million in funding for Nixon re-election. This money was sourced from the milk industry and arrived illegally in the form of small contributions.

Following indictment and months of investigation, Mr. Kalmbach was found guilty of violating the Federal Corrupt Practices Act on 25th February 1974. He said that he had illegally raised $3.9 million that was meant for a congressional campaign committee. Out of the $3.9 million, $100,000 was solicited from an ambassador who was promised a bigger post in the new government. He was later sentenced to 18 months in prison on 17th June 1974 by Judge John J. Sirica. He was released 191 days later after the same judge determined that he had cooperated with the investigators. Despite admitting that he violated federal law, he later said that he only solicited for the Watergate money because he had been promised that it would be used for humanitarian causes. These efforts were authorized by domestic affairs president’s assistant John D. Ehrlichman. Mr. Kalmbach was born on 19th October 1921 in the state of Michigan in a town called Port Huron. He served in the US Navy after joining United States Naval Academy. He held a degree in law from the University of Southern California. He was introduced to President Nixon back in the 1950s by the chief of staff then H.R. Haldeman.



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