O.J. Simpson to Be Released From the Nevada Department of Corrections on Monday

O.J. Simpson release date was scheduled for Sunday, but his release might be pushed to Monday because the Nevada Department of Corrections does not process release requests on Sundays. However, The Nevada Department of Corrections has remained silent on when he will be set free. It should be remembered that O.J. Simpson was sentenced to up to 33 years from 2008 when he was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping among other charges. However, his release came early due to good behavior while incarcerated.

Statement from O.J. Simpson’s Attorney

This silence has even left O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne unaware of his client’s release date. In a statement, Malcolm stated that he didn’t know about the release and he would just wait for his client to be released. He further said that his client was excited about the release plans.

LaVergne stated that from talking to his client over the phone, he could notice that he was eager to be free and hug his family after close to ten years of imprisonment. He further said that the correctional department has been good to him and his client all through. He, however, urged the department not to test his patience and process the release plans by Friday.

His Release

Before his release, Simpson will be transferred from Lovelock Correctional Center to High Desert Prison, which is located 45 minutes outside Las Vegas. Simpson was granted in July for robbery and kidnapping, which involved his Palace Station casino in Las Vegas. He was sentenced to 33 years but was granted parole by the Nevada Parole Board owing to his good behavior. In a statement during the hearing, Simpson said that he had served his time respectfully to the best of his capacity.

The 1994 Crimes

The parole board has no permission to revisit O.J. Simpson’s involvement in the 1994 killings of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Simpson in California. O.J. had been acquitted of the murders in 1995 by a Los Angeles jury. Later Simpson lost a civil judgment related to the crime and was ordered to pay the victims’ families $33.5 million.

Life after the Release

Upon his release, Simpson stated that he hoped to move to Florida. However, this transfer is not guaranteed as the move has to be approved by the Florida Department of Corrections. Officials in this department stated that they had not received a formal request from Mr. Simpson.

The Florida officials stated that the move has to be approved by the Nevada officials before it is forwarded to them. Upon receiving it, the department will have 45 days to go through it and make a decision.



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