New 1K Race in San Francisco

1K Race

A new 1K "race" is headed to San Francisco after debuting in its originating city, Seattle. It's called the Lard Butt 1K and is scheduled to take place on November 4 at Lake Merced Park.

A group of friends came up with the idea for this event while they lamented about their lack of exercise after college. Their joking around lead to the "Lard Butt" t-shirt, which turned into a small clothing line, and eventually the sporting event for the non-athletic: a 1K, or 0.62 mile fun run.

This 1K affair has some of the appearances of a traditional race, but was designed for a different audience. Aside from the shortened route, the race features doughnut, rather than water stations, along the way. Participants are invited to come dressed up in costumes, like the Bay to Breakers. As a finishing touch, there will be a beer and mimosa garden at the end of the course. The event is also a canned food drive collecting food donations benefiting the SF-Marin Food Bank.

The founders of the event created it to be a low-key gathering aimed to take the focus off of competing, running, and winning. The event is not timed and there will be no winner or loser. The event's tagline is "For Below-Average Athletes and Weekend Warriors." The number one priority is to have fun and to get people outside and active.

There are four waves of participants for the race, including a "Show-off Wave" for those who want to run. In Seattle at previous races, runners were met with friendly boos and warnings to slow down. A "Legends Wave" is for participants who weigh 250 pounds and more.

Co-founder Mark Peterson said that it is a very supportive experience, acknowledging that Lard Butts exist in all shapes and sizes. He sees this event as a way for those wanting to be more active to ease into physical activities since the thought of doing a 5K or 10K run can be intimidating.

Organizers hope to eventually expand around the country, where the the objective of each event is just to finish the race, enjoy some donuts, and have fun.



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