Los Angeles Country Rolls Out a New Program to Help Troubled Youth

Earlier this month, Los Angeles County launched a new 90-day pilot program to help find housing for youths who struggle to find a foster home.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the program is geared towards youth who find themselves cycling through home after home while often ending up on the streets.

Many of the youth that are homeless often have ongoing mental health complications and behavioral issues. Forced to deal with struggles that many find impossible to overcome, they jump from shelter to shelter.

The program launched on September 1 and looks to help those who have overstayed a 72-hour limit at David and Margaret Youth, a transitional shelter that included two cottages and 16 beds.

According to the article, around 20 youth will be a part of the program, which aims to provide a safe and stable home.

Only girls are allowed to stay at David and Marget. Complaints have been filed from neighbors who say girls have run away or engaged in acts that are considered Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), according to a source in the article.

Now that the county has rolled out the program, youth who have reached the end of their 72-hour limit become part of an Engagement and Placement Stabilization meeting (EPS). The EPS allows a group of staff to talk with the youth about their own strengths and how to find stable housing.

The meetings are run by a team of social workers and specialists, a mental health provider, the youth's attorney, and staff who work at David and Margaret.

After the meeting, the youth have to visit the dependency court, where their progress in finding a permanent placement is monitored by a judge.

Starting a week later, the youth have to return back to the court every 15 days to ensure a placement is found.

While there have been problems with the youth participating in the program, Los Angeles County plans to move forward with the program.



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