L.A. Ponders Solutions to Stopping Food Waste

Although it may seem like an incredible fact, it is actually true. In one 24-hour-period, Los Angeles Unified School District students throw out about $100,000 in uneaten food. This organic waste often includes pieces of fruit and food items that have not even been opened by students. Seeing an opportunity, officials have been looking into ways that this food could possibly be used to feed the homeless population.

With over five million California residents dealing with food insecurity, the state has been exploring all kinds of different ways to make sure that unused food products do not end up in the trash bin. One handy solution has been "share" tables in schools. If a student does not eat or open something, they can leave it on a certain table for other pupils who may not have had enough to eat. Direct solutions such as these can make "recycling" free food easier and more efficient than ever before. There's also the practice of donating food that has not been distributed to students, which was part of a fairly recent initiative.

Some school officials have also attempted to put more popular food items on the menu in order to cut down on the waste. For instance, if students are going to drink more chocolate milk than regular milk, why not order more flavored milks so that less milk cartons are tossed in the garbage? Breaded chicken is another item that tends to go over well with students, so that has also been included on the menu more often recently. These latest improvements have helped to alleviate the issue somewhat, but with an escalating amount of homeless people in Los Angeles County, the new suggestions could truly help to move eliminate food waste even more. Knocking down the obstacles that prevent food sharing, these proposed changes could be truly life-changing for some.



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