The Retire of San Francisco’s Giant pitcher

Most people engage in sports for fun and to exploit their talents. Baseball is a major sport in California. Other sports include soccer, basketball, and ice hockey. All sports have specific leagues that participate in seasonal matches annually. Some of the major leagues in California include California, California collegiate, California winter, great west league, Pacific association, golden state collegiate, Pecos, and southern California collegiate. The leagues are owned and managed by five major league baseball (MLB) franchises in the state of California. They include Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, San Diego Padres, and the San Francisco Giants.

The baseball leagues represent a sixth proportion of the entire population of approximately thirty million people. The teams have professional players. They have won most championship matches in the past. Most of their home games take place in the stadium that is known as The Big A. Baseball has a broad range of great pitchers. Some of the great giant pitchers include Ryan Vogelsong and Tim Lincecum from the Giant baseball league. Most players from the Giant baseball team are aggressively competitive. They win most of the matches that they play. The sport has specific traditions that guide all players during the competition. The players are strictly required to adhere to the rules that govern all matches. The engagement in sporting is based on a contract that is signed by individual players and the franchises. The agreement contains specific terms under which the contract may be terminated. Players are allowed to renew their contracts and later sign retirement forms.

The famous baseball giant pitcher of California announced his retirement from the team. Matt Cain informed his teammates about his decision. Cain pitched the first game in Giants history in 2012 and two of the Giants three winning world series in 2010. His diplomatic skills in baseball exemplify what a great pitcher ought to be. Cain had many supporters and fans who undoubtedly celebrated his victory in the matches that he played. His decision to retire is not a surprise to many. Cain’s fans and supporters believe that he made his team proud and they admitted to the fact that they will miss him. The Giant league CEO and president conceded to Cain’s retirement decision and extended a congratulatory note to Cain and his entire family on behalf of the players of the team.



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