Jeff Sessions attacks California

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions has once again attacked California on the basis of sanctuary city policies. The attorney general was referring to the latest bill by California that gives the undocumented immigrants protection against the federal government. In his attacks, he referred to the bill as a threat to public safety as well as unconscionable. While speaking to law enforcement officers and federal immigration officers, the attorney general made an appeal to California Gov. Jerry Brown to turn down the bill. The bill was passed shortly after lunch on Saturday, and it’s meant to limit the flow of information between federal immigration enforcement officers and the state officers. In the statement, Jeff Session reminded his audience that the bill was a recipe for disaster for California neighborhoods as well as to law enforcement officers. A moment later, the California Gov. Jerry Brown fired back telling the attorney general that the bill is a well-balanced bill. He then criticized the attorney general for portraying the xenophobia that is associated with a number of lawmakers from Washington. During an interview with the CNN, California Gov. Jerry Brown said that the bill serves two purposes. First, the bill protects the hardworking people who have had some input to the state. Second, the bill protects public safety. Earlier on, Jerry Brown allowed for exceptions that would allow immigration agents to interrogate jailed immigrants.

Jerry Brown said that people of California are not the soldiers of the federal immigration service or Donald Trump. He then emphasized that these immigration officers can walk to Californian jails and talk to whoever please them. There has been an increase in the number of deportation since Sessions became the attorney general. Sessions is a longtime supporter of reduced immigration whether illegal or legal. He has managed to deport many immigrants by forcing counties and cities to cooperate. As usual, he managed to use some harsh words and connect immigration to crime. According to studies across the United States, immigrants commit fewer crimes compared to Native Americans. Sessions has always referred sanctuary cities as a trafficker ally, and a best friend to a smuggler. He predicted that the lawlessness in California would allow people with bad intentions to smuggle all sorts of products including humans, drugs, and guns into California. Cities and counties have been involved in wars with the Trump administration concerning the issue of immigration. Most cities have federal court rulings in their favor preventing poking of residents by federal agents.



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