Many Firefighters In California Paid Less Than $2 Per Hour

Many parts of California have a problem with wildfires. The state has been relying on prisoners in order to fight the fires. In fact, 50 percent of the firefighting personnel come from the prisons. The prisoners are often paid less than $2 per hour. California has already had over 6,000 wildfires within the past year. The fires have covered over 500,000 acres.

Jaime Lowe is a reporter who works for the New York Times Magazine. She talked to female prisoners who worked as firefighters. She asked them about the risks and rewards. Jaime also asked the woman about how they felt about working for such low wages.

The women stated that prisons are overcrowded, and they are not good places to be in. Many would prefer to be out fighting fires instead of inside of a prison. They also stated that they are pushing themselves towards something positive.

Jaime also asked the women if they felt exploited. Some of them felt as though they were being exploited because they were being paid such low wages. Others did not feel like they were being exploited. Some women were just happy to do the work.

Additionally, Jaime asked the women if the firefighting program helped rehabilitate the inmates. They stated that many of the women felt as though the work itself helped rehabilitate the inmates. However, they also stated that they did not know whether the firefighting program prevented people from going back to prison after they get out.

Many women feel as though this is a shame. The work that the women do is needed, and it seems as though the program would benefit women. Some people believe that there are not enough resources available for people after they get out. That is why many people end up going back to prison.



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