Dividing California into Three States

At the moment, California has a population of 40 million people. The high population is the reason why people often refer the state as ungovernable. At the same time, a group of people suggests that the state should be divided to make it governable. This has led to the emergence of the Calexit movement that is for secession. They say that the salvation of the state lies in leaving the union. This is not the first time that this has happened. Five years ago, there was an attempt to divide the state of California into six states. These brought about much media attention but subdued after some time. This effort had been organized by Timothy C. Draper who is a tech billionaire. Having failed on the first attempt, he has another idea that suggests cutting the state into three states. He mentioned that he had prepared the paperwork and was ready to ask people from the state of California to vote on the issue. On his part, the tech billionaire feels that it doesn’t matter which party is in leadership. It could either be a Republican, Democrat or Independent. In an email, Mr. Timothy says that he is willing to push these efforts up to the end.

On his part, he feels that the government of California is doing a good job. He feels that the government is doing all it can on infrastructure, education and governance. He further notes that the three new states would take into consideration equality in wealth and population. The upper half of California would form Northern California. San Francisco and Sacramento would be part of North California. The second state would consist of Los Angeles metropolitan which would extend up to Monterey. The rest would make the third state meaning that San Diego would be part of the third state. However, looking at the odds, this move is unlikely to go through. First, voters will have to go for it. Second, it would have to go through the state legislature. Finally, the proponents of this idea will have to convince the US Congress to give the state four additional senators. According to experts who were asked about the idea such as Martin W. Lewis who is a geographer at the Stanford University, he said that it would offer people something to think about. For instance, a region like Monterey will have something to think about with the idea of being set free from San Francisco.



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