San Francisco's Palace Hotel's Roof is Refurbished

Head to the classiest place in San Francisco, which is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion. Presidents and kings have dined in the Garden Court of the Palace Hotel that is all glass, gilt, and history. The entrance reminds you of a French chateau with grand arches and marble floors. The dining room's walls are white trimmed in 24-karat gold, and there are 10 grand crystal chandeliers and 16 Italian marble columns.

See how the unique roof is being beautifully renovated, which hasn't been worked on since the big earthquake in 1989. The cut-glass 41-foot-tall roof filters the sunlight in the daytime and gives off an amber glow at night. It has been called one of the most colossal and expansive glass ceilings in the world.

A month-long project by a local firm, AO Studios, has been in process to clean and restore each one of the 70,000 pieces of cut glass to make it look exactly like it did when the Garden Court opened in 1909.

There are two roofs, one being the outside roof supported by steel trusses and the curved inside glass ceiling which is hung by a cable system. Amazingly, the cables are threaded through real pennies that have two holes drilled in them, which act the same as washers that will protect the glass panels that are framed in zinc and steel.

Naturally, the place is off-limits to the public because access is far from easy. You have to go out a window, up a steel ladder, down another ladder, and then squeeze out onto a catwalk. A crew of eight men and women, who wear safety harnesses and hard hats, work from the late afternoons to nightfall as they remove, clean, and replace the glass panels one by one.

When it was proposed to use pennies as the washers, they had to get permission from the Secret Service, which is responsible for the nation’s money, since someone said they would be defacing U.S. currency even though they only used about $1.50 in pennies.

The whole job cost approximately $180,000 and was to be finished Sunday evening, August 27, 2017.




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