Amazon's First Physical Book Store Opened in Santana Row

Amazon is now offering a new service known as "no day shipping" exclusively for books. The catch? You'll have to walk into the store and buy it in person.

As abc7 reports, Amazon has just opened its first ever brick and mortar book store at Santana Row in San Jose. Literary fans rejoiced at the news, as many have found it harder and harder to find physical bookstores near them with the rise of digital media and home shipping has grown in the last few years.

Despite being the first physical location in Santana Row, this shop is actually the second store opened in California by the company. On opening day, the store carried more than 3,500 titles displayed on shelves. Underneath each book was a card displaying its ratings and reviews, almost all items available holding a 4 star rating or better based on online user reviews.

"We are obviously an extension of," said Amazon Books' vice president, Jennifer Cast. "We have a lot of information about what customers read, and how they read, and why they read, and we wanted to bring that into a physical environment."

In addition to their large selection of books, the store will also offer free demonstrations of their electronics, such as the Kindle e-reader and Echo smart speakers among others. "What we've heard since the Kindle was launched is that people wanted an opportunity to come in, test drive our devices and also be able to ask questions and learn about it from an expert," said Cast.

Local booksellers aren't yet worried about the competition Amazon brings to the area despite their brand notoriety. Recycle Bookstore, for example, is confident it has nothing to fear due to its much greater selection of titles. The more than 50 year old store currently features more than 150,000 titles for sale.

Time will tell whether this confidence is unfounded, though for now, area residents are just happy to have more options for buying books. Some even see this as a throwback to simpler times where physical bookstores could be found in nearly every town, grateful for the community space and the ability to preview a book before committing to buy it. By the end of the year, Amazon hopes to open a second store in the Bay Area at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek.



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