Kathy Griffin Loses A Long Time Friendship Over President Trump Joke

Comedian Kathy Griffin might have expected some of the backlash she received over her skit in which she presented a beheaded facsimile of Donald Trump's head, but even that seems to have gone too far. The comedian faced more public criticism than she expected and even found herself under investigation, but even that can't compare with the personal costs. Opening up about the incident, Griffin confesses that the ordeal cost her a 17-year friendship with Anderson Cooper.
Kathy Griffin on the Cost of Her Donald Trump Joke
For 10 years, Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper shared hosting duties for CNN's New Year's Eve specials and, even before that, the pair had been long-time friends. All of that is in the past now, according to a candid new discussion with Kathy. The comedian opened up about the fallout she's still experiencing in the aftermath of her poorly received President Trump joke and says the most painful consequence was the loss of that lifelong friendship.
In the wake of Griffin's stunt, Cooper made a public statement via Twitter in which he condemned the joke as a "disgusting and completely inappropriate" stunt. Upon reading the tweet, Griffin had responded by sharing that Anderson's comment hurt her, though, until now, she said little else on the subject.
It seemed everything was fine and Kathy's misstep might be forgiven in time. Appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper even told the host that he was still friends with Ms. Griffin. While he still feels Kathy behaved inappropriately, he adds that he hoped she would "bounce back" in the near future.
Who Ended It? Anderson or Kathy?
Griffin now explains that she had not heard from Cooper in the two months following her much criticized stunt. Finally, on August 10, Cooper sent Griffin a series of text messages, but it seemed that was too little, too late. Griffin responded that she no longer considered him a friend.
Anderson Cooper may not have spoken directly to Kathy during those two months, but he did speak about her subsequent firing from CNN in a statement.
"CNN made the decision not to bring her back. I had nothing to do with it, but I certainly understand why they made that decision."
While Griffin may feel betrayed by Cooper's inability to speak privately with her about the stunt, sources close to Anderson say he took the needed time and space to process the entire incident. In spite of his personal feelings, sources say Cooper was publicly supportive of Kathy Griffin, when asked about the incident.



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