Making the State of California a Sanctuary State

Governor Jerry Brown is always making headlines in the state of California. In the past few months, he has shown his intent in opposing President Trump’s agenda on immigration. On numerous occasions, the governor has spoken about the motive in public with the recent one being on national TV. In the TV appearance, Governor Brown said that he was not going to corporate with the federal government in deporting immigrants. He referred immigrants using the terms our colleagues, neighbors, and friends. He also defended his interview saying that it was the right thing to say. He noted that the United States has managed to become the greatest nation on earth by depending on immigrants. Some people from the state feel that the governor should do more than words and sign the bill that would really make a difference. At the moment, Jerry Brown is in a dilemma concerning two bills. These bills are the California Values Act and the Dignity Not Detention Act. The Dignity Not Detention Act is geared towards preventing companies like GEO Group and CoreCivic from landing contracts in the state of California. The bill has a provision where it requires states to do little about the minimum standards that have been set by the federal government. If Governor Brown really opposes what president Trump stands for, he should not sign this bill at all.

On the other hand, the California Values Act is a bill that seeks to address the rounding up of immigrants which is considered unlawful. At the same time, the issue addresses the way immigrants are locked up. This is a bill that makes California a sanctuary state. If the bill is passed, it will protect many immigrants against the agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement department. This is a bill that ensures that local police officers and other law enforcement officers do not spend time chasing people accused of being immigrants. This is a bill that has received support from prominent people in the state of California such as Sheriff Jima Hart from Santa Cruz County and Charlie Beck who is the police chief in Los Angeles. These are leaders who know that for people to trust the police, they must do their work diligently. The Trump administration is working hard to make sure that people fear the police whom they are supposed to trust. If Governor Jerry Brown wants to protect the rights of the immigrants, he should sign this bill without a second thought.


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