The State of California Universities

The Los Angeles Times described the withdrawal of over 500 admissions by the University of California, Irvine as a sucker punch. The outrage that followed was heard far and beyond the campus area. However, it was revealed that this is not the first time that universities in California have withdrawn admissions. A little research revealed that over 4,000 admissions have been rescinded since 2015. These universities cited paperwork problems as the reason behind the cancellation of the admissions. For instance, the University of California Santa Cruz informed over 500 students that their admissions had been rescinded. The university later revealed that these students had failed to submit their transcripts before the deadline. However, the outcry that followed from the students and the public forced the university to reinstate most of the admissions. At the same time, the outcry forced the university to adopt better admission policies. However, critics accuse the universities of creating loopholes upon which they use to revoke these offers. What the universities don’t understand is that students accept these offers in different ways. It has been shown that despite high school counsellors in the state of California telling their students about the seriousness of the deadline, most of these students fall short of the deadline. At the moment, it’s estimated that 10,000 students miss the deadline in California annually.

A high school counsellor from California known as Bernadine Diele tells his students that the deadlines are the smallest things that will determine whether they go to college. He tells his students that getting into college is not about competitiveness. Instead, it’s about complying with the smallest things such as the deadlines. In the year 2016 alone, the University of California Davis revoked over 100 admissions. As for the University of California Merced, it rescinded over 160 offers while the University of California Riverside revoked over 300 admissions. A representative from the University of California Merced known as Jill Orcutt mentioned that the University constantly reminds the incoming students about the importance transcripts. The universities on their part assume that the students have no intention of joining the university. The University of California Irvine later apologized after many students noted that the decision to revoke their admissions had upended their lives. Some politicians have described these latest events as gotcha games. A Democrat from California known as Phil Ting is one of the critics of this system. He says that the universities are playing with the lives of people who expect to undergo transformative experiences at the institutions.


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