Trespasser Causes Major Incident At PG&E Tower


A trespasser at a PG&E tower caused some major damage and even a power outage when he climbed about one-hundred feet onto a transmission tower in Santa Rosa. The trespasser was shocked by the transmission tower and this caused a fire on the ground beneath him when he fell. The incident also caused about two-thousands homes in the area to briefly go without power.

Bystanders saw the incident and reported that the man fell from the tower at 1:46pm local time at 56 West Sixth St. Thus far, the name and age of the suspect have not been released. All that is known is that he apparently came in contact with a live wire and was shocked. He then fell into some dry grass which caught fire.

Witnesses to the incident pulled the man from the fire and put it out with an extinguisher. Professional medical personnel were then called in, and the man was transported to UC Davis to be treated for major burns.

At this time, there is no clear explanation for why he climbed on the tower in the first place. The man could suffer from mental illness and be acting out. He could also have tried to do this as a prank gone too far, or it is possible that he was under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. At this time, the police have not yet gotten that all figured out and squared away.

There is going to be an investigation into exactly what happened here. The results were injures to the trespasser as well as a little more than two-thousand people losing their power for a brief period of time.

Interestingly, this particular PG&E tower has been trespassed on in the past. The previous incident happened back in March of this year. The company was so concerned with the previous incident that they put up special barriers to try to keep people out. However, these barriers clearly did not work out as they would have hoped. The man was still able to find his way in and cause all of this ruckus.

It will be fascinating to see what the company comes up with next as a deterrent to try to keep trouble makers such as this guy out of their property. His actions not only impacted himself in this case, but also the loyal customers of PG&E. You can expect that they will take even more measures in the future to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.



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