Search Continues for Missing Hikers at Joshua Tree National Park

A young couple disappeared while hiking at Joshua Tree National Park in California. The first sign that there was something wrong was on July 28th. This was the day that 21-year-old Joseph Orbeso and 20-year-old Rachel Nguyen were scheduled to check out of their hotel. However, they did not check out. Hotel staff checked their room and discovered that all of the couple's possessions were still in their room. This triggered a massive search that included members of the CA Highway Patrol and the sheriff's department of San Bernadino County. Dogs were also brought in to participate in the search.

The search for the missing couple was made more difficult due to the very high temperatures that were well over 100 degrees. In fact, some of the people involved in the search needed to be treated for heat exhaustion. There are a total of 14 dogs and 16 people who are actively involved in the search. The mobile phone of Orbeso was on inside the park area on the 27th of July. The car that was owned by the couple was located in the park's northwest region. Both Orbeso and Nguyen were experienced hikers. They had both been to Joshua Tree National Park a number of times prior to their disappearance.

Members of their families have been contacted. However, it appears that neither of them told any friends or family members where they would be hiking. The search is currently being concentrated in the area where the car was found. The logic being that they had to drive the car to that location to start their hike. There are many people who believe that one or both of them were overcome by the heat and they had little or no water with them. There is a chance that one of them went to get help for the other and was also overcome by the heat. However, all of this is just speculation at this point.

The law enforcement agencies involved with the case have not said how long the search will continue in these extremely hot conditions. Each passing day makes it less likely that the couple would be able to survive without food and water. The heat is also a huge factor that is causing people to lose hope. However, the search is continuing for the time being. There have been rumors that more people will be added to the search. However, that has not happened.



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