LA Set to Host 2028 Summer Olympics

For the third time in history, Los Angeles will once again be hosting the Olympic Games once more in 2028.

This decision came after much deliberation between the city, Paris, France, and the International Olympic Committee. As ABC7 reports, both LA and Paris bid for the honor of hosting the 2024 Olympic Games in their cities, the decision left to the IOC to decide on who should ultimately have the chance.

Though decisions were initially split, it was finally decided earlier this month that Los Angeles would be hosting the 2028 Olympics with Paris granted the right to host the games in 2024. The decision was made public by Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday at the Stub Hub Center in Carson.

While no further details of the agreement have been released yet, the IOC is already planning to provide advanced funding to LA youth sports programs as a result of the decision.

"A couple of times we were counted out of the race altogether, but we never hit a wall," the mayor said during the announcement. "We never lost our focus. The training paid off and today, we're at the finish line."

Not everyone seems to be pleased with this decision, however. A group going by the name of Nolympics released a statement shortly following the 5:00 PM announcement by the mayor. "Quite simply, no one knows what this new 2028 plan is and how the extra four years will affect the lives of millions of Angelenos."

Their concerns are not entirely without merit. It's well documented that cities hosting the Olympics have traditionally taken massive economic hits due to the extreme cost of renovating infrastructure to suit the needs of the games and athletes, putting a strain on local businesses and residents that the actual games don't make up for.

Whether these are the concerns the Nolympics organization is concerned with are not known at this time. It is certain, however, that the extra funding for youth sports will change the lives of numerous children within the city.

The IOC is set to make their own statement on the status of the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games this September.



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