Saving Whales Off The California Coast

Whales are some of the largest animals in the world. People who live in California and those who visit the state can often see whales off the coast or take tours to see the whales in their natural habitat. Some of these same whales are being caught up in nets in the water off the California coast and becoming entangled. These nets are used by people who are fishing for crabs in the water. It appears that there might be some help on the way for them as an environmental group is taking aim at making sure the waters stay safe.

Members of the Center for Biological Diversity are trying to get the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to see just how dangerous these fishing nets can be to whales and other animals that live in the ocean. They also want to make the group aware that it's a violation of the Endangered Species Act to let fishermen who are trying to catch crab to drop the nets and other gear that they use in an area that would potentially harm the humpback whale as well as blue whales.

The agency received a notice from the environmental group that it plans to file a lawsuit in the near future. The notice was given before a weekend that was spent freeing whales entangled in the crab fishing nets. One of the attorneys for the group wants some type of regulation in place that will protect the whales and other animals. Just in the past year, over 70 whales were spotted in the water entangled in nets. Another group being entangled in the nets are the leatherback sea turtles. Some of the whales that have been rescued have nets hanging from their mouths and attached in such ways that are difficult to get off the body.



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