Fresno Cosmetic Surgeon Sued After Nude Breast Photos With Patient's Name Appear Online

For Mandi Stillwell, she had them done to boost her low self-esteem, something her mother had repeatedly instilled in her and her sister at a young age. Since childhood, the Fresno resident felt fat, unattractive and not good about herself. So when she found a reputable cosmetic surgeon nearby, she went for a breast lift, breast implants and a tummy tuck in March of 2013. She was elated with the results.

By August of that year, however, her life was destroyed, and she blames Dr. Enraquita Lopez. Stillwell is suing the cosmetic surgeon in Fresno civil court for emotional distress, reports The Sacramento Bee.

According to the publication, Stillwell, 39, claims that Dr. Lopez published photos of her naked breasts and belly on the cosmetic surgeon's website. That isn't what Stillwell is fighting in court; she's upset that her name was published alongside the revealing before and after photos at Aesthetic Laser Center.

Stillwell had given written consent to Dr. Lopez's practice to use photos taken of her naked upper body at the time, but the patient also testified that it was her understanding that the photos would appear only for business promotion and without her identity being revealed.

Stillwell became extremely upset when a man she was talking with from an online dating site googled her name and found the naked breast and belly photos. She was traumatized, especially after she had put her trust in Dr. Lopez. Stillwell claims she kept weeping, developed insomnia, and awful incidents from her childhood were triggered.

According to Dr. Lopez's attorney, the photos were immediately removed from the Aesthetic Laser Center website when Stillwell contacted her about them and her name attached to the photos. Dr. Lopez's practice claims the before and after pics with Stillwell's name on them were published by accident, nothing more.

Stillwell's attorney is arguing that Dr. Lopez and her staff were reckless and negligent in releasing online photographs with Stillwell's name attached to them.

In the meantime, Mandi Stillwell has become a well-known and talented photographer in the Bay area; she was named as one of "the best visual artists" there.



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