California and Climate Change

Climate Change

California is one of the few states in the country that is actively trying to combat climate change. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the changes that are taking place in this industry today. With that being said, this state is doing a lot to promote economic growth in this field.

Climate change is an issue that a lot of people are ignoring. This goes from people all the way up to the government. In the coming years, more issues are going to be found due to climate change. The good news for people living in California is that the governor recently expanded a climate bill for many more years. Here are some of the ways that the state is trying to reduce carbon emissions.

Light Bulbs

One of the ways in which California is combating environmental issues is through legislation in light bulbs. Few people know that California has much more strict rules for certain types of bulbs that people can buy at the store.

The old light bulbs used a lot of energy and were bad for the environment. However, the new bulbs will last for many years and use much less electricity in the process. Over time, it is vital for people to start looking for ways to improve their environmental impact on various industries.

Energy Use

Another area that California is targeting is certain types of energy use. There are a lot of people who use way too much energy in their home. Now is the time for these people to invest in certain types of electricity in order to drive innovation in this area.

Solar power is becoming more affordable than ever before for the average person. There is a major cost savings over a long period of time when you purchase solar power. However, few people have the cash on hand to make this investment right now. California is trying to subsidize some of the cost to help out people who want to invest in their homes.

Overall, the state is doing a lot of things to try and combat climate change in the area. It remains to be seen whether other states will follow the example that California has set. The good news is that many people believe that the changes are working and will reduce carbon emissions in the future.



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