Southern California Has Had Enough And Hoping For Cooler Temps To Drop

Heat and humidity; it gets old after a while, and folks in LA County are looking forward to temperatures in the 80s on Sunday to break the nasty heatwave there.

The National Weather Service (NWS) recorded a sweltering 96 degrees in Los Angeles on July 8th, reports the LosAngelesDaily News. That one smashes a very old record in 1886 of 95 degrees. Southern Californians are exhausted by the recent brutal conditions and seeking relief.

The NWS also warns about potential and critical fire danger in California's coastal mountains and foothills. The out-of-control heat wave has been sparked and blamed by a jet stream that is bringing cooler weather to the California coast. At the moment, it is hovering over the desert southwest and blanketing the air with a heavy sizzling heat.

Temperatures should be heading down little by little in the next few days. Still, the heat and humidity make it tough for Southern California residents, especially the elderly, very young, those with respiratory issues and household pets.

By the way, Californians have a special new law that has gone into effect this year, giving them the legal authority to break into vehicles to rescue animals if they appear to be in danger of brutal temperatures. Dogs and other animals don’t have a human being's perspiration ability, which means they can quickly be overcome by the heat that can prove fatal very fast.

LA County has listed their cooling center facilities for people to peruse at the County of Los Angeles Public Library's website. Some of these places are public libraries, senior citizen centers, gymnasiums and neighborhood community centers. There are about 100 cooling centers on the list. County officials recommend calling these facilities in advance to ensure there is still enough seating available.

Blazing high temperatures with uncomfortable humidity are nothing new for Southern Californians during summer. What is unique this time around is the early appearance of the heat wave. According to weather experts, the area usually sees these extremely searing temperatures in the months of August and/or September.



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