Disruptive Crowd Outside LA Supreme and Louis Vuitton Pop-Ups Force Shops to Close Early

Rowdy and unmanageable crowds in front of Louis Vuitton and Supreme pop-ups in Los Angeles forced the shops to close on Friday.

Streets near 3rd and Garey require police personnel supervision due to a crowd of nearly 400 people that were waiting in anticipation of Louis Vuitton and Supreme’s high-end pop-ups. These two brands have become incredibly popular; however, the chances of snagging some pricey rare garments from these brands was ruined by the disorderly mass of people.

Store representatives have stated that the pop-ups are closed indefinitely as they simply could not control the influx of people, regardless of police involvement. Police were called when a large group of people bolted towards the store, causing many others to follow suit.

Los Angeles Police also stated that they were called to the scene to help break up conflicts that were arising. Police made no arrests and did not report any injuries caused by the conflicts.

Some fans were extremely unhappy about the abrupt closure of the pop-ups, as most of the attendees were peaceful. Some even waited in line for multiple days in order to purchase rare mash-up merchandise that Supreme and Louis Vuitton were selling together.

Only a few rare items of merchandise were set to be put up for purchase as the collection does not officially launch until July 17. Some of the apparel included a backpack priced at nearly $4000 and a denim jacket with a retail value of over $1300.

While some shoppers were anxious to purchase the items for their own personal collection, many reported to ABC7 News that they had an ulterior motive in mind and were hoping to buy these rare Louis Vuitton and Supreme items to sell them on Ebay for nine times the price.

The Louis Vuitton and Supreme pop-ups were expected to remain open all weekend. There are only 8 total pop-ups for this event in the world.



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